SLP Zero Waste Map

Welcome to the SLP Zero Waste Map! The map is intended to support residents and visitors to South-West London to navigate their consumer needs whilst supporting our local circular economy. It works on the google platform and as such can be used on a computer or on a phone when on the move!

The map shows businesses, facilities and workshops within the sub-region that encourage the circular economy by eradicating waste packaging, encouraging reuse, upcycling and repair or offering facilities to recycle goods and materials once they have reached end of life. The map subcategorises places according to:

  • Zero waste refillable businesses – Shops and businesses that offer refill options on goods to eradicate waste packaging.
  • Reuse and Second-Hand Shops – Commercial shops that sell second hand or upcycled goods.
  • Charity shops and community fridges –Charitable services that redistribute donated goods. Charity shops sell donated clothes, books, furniture and other good to fundraise and community fridges accept donated surplus food to give to those in need within the community.
  • Repairs – Businesses providing professional repairs for a variety of different goods including furniture, clothes, shoes, appliances and it equipment.
  • Borrowing and Sharing – Facilities including public libraries and Library of Things that lend or loan goods to the public. Library of Things are places where residents can borrow household items such as a drill or a sewing machine for a small fee.
  • Recycling – Recycling facilities and commercial services for household and commercial waste.
  • Recycling Drop Off Points – Terracycling points for hard to recycle materials including make-up containers, various sweet wrappers and foil balloons that can’t be put in the recycling bin at home. Each teracycle point will take one or more item types which are labelled on the map. To find further details visit the Terracycle website here
  • Workshops and Skills – Workshops run in the sub-region that support residents learn new skills to repair and upcycle possessions.

Businesses located within the sub-region that offer mobile services

Dai the Crank – Mobile professional bike repair services that will come to your home serving Kingston, Surbiton, Esher, Teddington and Twickenham.

Peddle My Wheels –Bike rental service that enable customers to rent a new bike for 6 months before choosing to purchase.

Our Bike – Community cargo bikes rental for residents and businesses in Richmond.

Know a business that should be added to the map?

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