Digital infrastructure even more important for residents & businesses in the light of COVID

FTTP connectivity only 2.13% to 23.97% across SLP boroughs

Digital innovation opportunities to support economic growth and quality of life


Digital infrastructure is a critical underpinning to future economic growth and productivity as well as for digital inclusion.  Its increasing importance has been accelerated by the COVID pandemic.

The OECD ranks the UK as one of the worst countries for the roll out of full fibre to premises (FTTP), which provides the fastest internet connectivity speeds.  Only 15.35% of London properties have access to FTTP, compared to 89% in Portugal and 71?% in Spain.  The SLP sub-region has the lowest level of full fibre roll-out in London and our digital connectivity by all the different means is less than that of other sub-regions (Ofcom data, Jan 2020).

Accelerating the roll out of full fibre in South London is therefore a priority.  And as part of our wider interest in promoting innovation, SLP is open to opportunities for digital innovation to support economic growth and improve the quality of life across our boroughs.

SLP has two digital programmes:

 As part of BDUK’s remit, they have published the following results of their initial OMR for Project Gigabit London