Sustainable Communities

A great quality of life - where people want to live, work and enjoy themselves

A network of town centres, high streets and villages with world class parks and open spaces

A shared commitment to sustainability and tackling climate change


SLP works with boroughs to identify common interests and opportunities where collaboration in the development of our built and natural environment makes sense and compliments work happening at borough level.

Areas of mutual interest include:

  • protecting and enhancing land for jobs, while securing affordable housing
  • supporting the sustainability and vibrancy of our town centres and high streets
  • improving transport connectivity across our sub-region as well as into central London and promoting active travel
  • promoting sustainability and action to address the climate emergency

Our Assets

Located between central London and the UK’s two main airports at Heathrow and Gatwick, our area’s offer for living and working is broad and popular:

  • Key town centres that are the focus of retail, leisure and office working and – where land permits – opportunities for new developments.
  • Attractive historical and riverside areas that have been sought-after places to live and spend time for centuries
  • Colourful district centres and high streets, often based around suburban rail stations, that provide the hearts of vibrant communities
  • Popular suburban villages and neighbourhoods with homes ranging from Victorian and Edwardian terraces to post-war semi-detached and detached housing, as well as housing estates many of which have been or are being regenerated
  • Significant parks and Royal Parks, open spaces and riverside on the Thames and Wandle, as well as a dense patchwork of other green spaces and even some farms and lavender fields
  • Strong services included high quality education in schools, colleges and Universities, and high class health and care services
  • Vibrant and in-demand – but limited – industrial land, generally focused on key road corridors
  • International tourist and visitor attractions including Hampton Court, Kew Gardens and Chessington World of Adventure, major sporting destinations including Wimbledon, Twickenham, Selhurst Park and Plough Lane, as well as a range of regional theatres, music venues and other attractions

Our development and growth opportunities are focused around town centres, key corridors and the London Cancer Hub.

    Climate Action

    Addressing the Climate Emergency is a priority in the SLP Economic Recovery Action Plan and is an area where collaboration can offer benefits in supporting the goals identified in boroughs climate action plans, sharing best practice and identifying funding and other opportunities that can benefit all boroughs.

    As well as the Green Skills Academy, we are developing two further collaborative projects:

    • SLP Zero Waste Map which can be accessed here and supports residents make more informed consumer decisions with regards to waste and reuse. The map indicates businesses, facilities and workshops that promote the circular economy through their function such as offering refill options for groceries, promoting reuse and second hand or teaching repair skills.
    • SLP Retrofit Guidance Toolkit is a project is still in development to support our residents make informed choices in retrofitting their homes and mitigating the impact of the energy crisis.