Poor public transport offer leads to congestion and impedes local economy and access to jobs

HIghest car dependency in London impacts on health and climate change

Improved digital infrastructure needed to support economic recovery and digital equality

Good infrastructure plays a key role in supporting thriving economies, excellent services, and a high quality of life.  

Transport infrastructure is critical to businesses’ success and productivity – be it through connecting to clients, markets or workforce.  And good transport links are vital to enable our residents to access education, training and jobs across the sub-region and beyond.  But the SLP areas is the poorest served sub-region in terms of public transport and high car dependency contributes to congestion and pollution.  SLP boroughs therefore share a commitment to seeking improvements in connectivity across and beyond boundaries. 

The COVID pandemic has further increased the already significant importance of digital infrastructure – with increased home-working and digital services and shopping.  Improving South London’s digital infrastructure to support our economic resilience and recovery is a shared SLP interest – as is tackling digital inequalities. 

South London benefits from strong social infrastructure – excellent schools, colleges and Universities, as well as strong communities and voluntary sector organisations.  These are some of the key attractions for people looking to move into our boroughs.

All SLP boroughs declared Climate Emergencies in 2019 and are actively delivering plans to contribute to reducing emissions across all sectors.  By promoting more active travel and improvements to public transport, and supporting the development of digital infrastructure and innovation, SLP is already contributing to these agendas.  Whether further action might benefit from sub-regional collaboration will be a consideration as we shape our priorities to contribute to economic recovery.