Skills in South London

High levels of education attainment and 51% of our working age population educated to degree level

Too many of our working age population have no qualifications (5%)

Building stronger pathways from education to employment

Securing the skills to support residents into sustainable employment and to support the growth aspirations of existing and future businesses in South London is a key priority for SLP.

While South London has higher levels of skills (51% degree level+) and higher levels of employment (75%) than the London averages skills are a priority because:

  • we want to raise the bar further to increase higher levels of skills to enable all our residents to find sustainable jobs and fulfil their potential;
  • we recognise that the modern job world and later retirement make ongoing skills development and reskilling throughout people’s careers increasingly important;
  • some of our residents with lower skills are missing out economically – with existing pockets of deprivation, higher levels of unemployment and NEETs;

Skills are key to supporting economic growth in our area – and particularly higher end economic growth, to improve the average earnings of those employed in our area (£28,102 compared to London £33,747);

Our priorities

SLP’s priorities are:

  • to shape a powerful role in the future model of devolved skills commissioning in London to ensure it meets the needs of South London residents and businesses; 
  • building on relationships established through the Area Based Review, to build a wider partnership with employers and skills providers to improve outcomes and better address skills needs of businesses both now and for growth; and
  • to deliver a devolved Work & Health Programme that supports people with more complex needs into sustainable work.