Improving transport connections in South London is a major priority of the partnership

Lobbying for key new infrastructure such as Crossrail 2, Brighton Mainline and Tramlink extensions

Improving existing services including campaigning for ‘metroisation’ of rail services

Improving transport connections in South London is a major priority of the partnership.

Overall, South London has the lowest connectivity of any sub-region in the capital, with many residents highly dependent on cars to cars to get around and serious congestion on both our roads and public transport.

We want to improve transport in South London in order to:

  • address the congestion that holds back productivity now and that will be further exacerbated by the growth already pursued
  • enable residents to access employment opportunities in South London and beyond; and
  • take better advantage of our strategic location between the UK’s two main airports to increase inward investment and improve access to international markets for South London businesses.

That’s why we’re asking the Government to:

  • recognise the strategic case for improving transport in South London and particularly commit to Crossrail 2 and improvements to the Brighton Mainline, reflecting in business cases their contribution to supporting economic growth as clearly as their role in unlocking new housing
  • commit to delivering improvements in rail services in South London, working in partnership with the South London Partnership, Mayor of London and others
  • commit national agencies such as Highways England  and Network Rail to work with South London Partnership and Transport for London to agree a co-ordinated programme of road and rail improvements to support economic growth commit to improving surface-transport access to airports from South London

That’s also why we’re asking the mayor to:

  • collaborate with the South London Partnership to deliver new transport infrastructure in South London – particularly Crossrail 2 and Tramlink extensions
  • work with the South London Partnership to secure improvements to rail services in South London through ‘Metroisation’ to ensure that they are as reliable and frequent as London Underground services
  • agree a five year transport investment programme, in addition to Local implementation Plans, in South London to support sub- regional growth as part of a co-ordinated programme with national agencies