Local Plans

Each London Borough publishes a Local Plan which is a key document setting out its spatial vision for how the borough will develop in the future.

It focuses on the key issues every borough faces, providing planning policies and allocating sites for development. Boroughs are required to have consideration for their neighbours in the plans and the SLP brings together planning teams from the boroughs to look at issues that affect them all.

The latest information on each borough’s local plans can be found here:

In addition, the Mayor of London delivers a London Plan which looks at policies that affect the whole of the city. The current London Plan can be found here but the new Mayor is due to publish a different version later this year which will look to deliver the vision highlighted in City for All Londoners. The SLP’s response to City for All Londoners can be found here.

The SLP boroughs are working together and with the Greater London Authority to ensure that the London Plan meets the needs of South London.