Housing and Planning

Committed to protecting and enhancing land for jobs while securing affordable housing

Working closely together while key decisions always remain the responsibility of the boroughs

Working with the Mayor’s office to make sure that they provide the policies that South London needs

The South London Partnership is committed to protecting and enhancing land for jobs, while securing affordable housing to support our growing economy.

Land availability is a great challenge in south London and ensuring that we can provide the jobs and homes we need while maintaining our high quality of life requires careful planning and cooperation.

Housing and planning are crucial but sensitive issues and the key decisions will always be the responsibility of individual boroughs and reflected in their local plans.

However there are areas where we can do much more by working together, whether that is focusing on neighbourhoods which straddle more than one council or lobbying the Mayor of London or Central Government on issues that we consider of great importance.

Key areas where we are campaigning together include asking the mayor to:

  • recognise South London’s economic potential in his new London Plan, working with the South London Partnership to ensure land is available to support our economic growth ambitions as well as supporting appropriate housing growth
  • explore with the South London Partnership the creation of a sub-regional or series of linked opportunity areas in South London
  • commit to working with the South London Partnership to unlock TFL and wider transport estate and police estate for development
  • commit to working with the South London Partnership on a one Public estate approach to accelerate the unlocking of transport for London and network rail land for development

We are also lobbying the government to exempt the South London Partnership boroughs from the Permitted development right to convert offices to residential uses so that our town centres can thrive and any housing development is properly supported by necessary infrastructure such as schools and transport links.