Technology & Digital

Tech and Digital sector

The South London Growth Proposition identified the Tech and Digital sector as an opportunity for SLP to coordinate a programme for growth. We recognise the long term significance of the sector as an increasingly important source of high-quality, productive business and employment growth in South London.

In 2017 consultants were appointed to review the evidence, talk to businesses in the sector, and make recommendations about how boroughs and partners can support the continuing growth of the Tech and Digital economy for the benefit of people, businesses and places in South London.

In early 2018 the authorities committed to take forward the key themes from the Framework, including by:

  • using the evidence throughout their councils to inform decisions about planning, commercial property, technology, skills and economic development
  • building a partnership of those supporting local clusters, such as universities, meet-ups and workspace providers
  • engaging with businesses and their representatives to remove barriers
  • encouraging full use of London-wide advice to businesses and talking to the Greater London Authority about doing more
  • improving the skills provision for the sector and the wider economy
  • promoting the area’s strengths and opportunities to London and beyond
    SLP Tech Sector Review – Final Evidence Report
    SLP Tech Sector Review – Growth Framework